Shirlee Yantz, Clinical Hypnotherapist
Hypno-Fairy Godmother


  Welcome!! Whether you are new to hypnosis or

are just discovering it, this is a wonderful way of Creating Positive Change in you.

  So Why Shirlee?   I have been in the field of Naturalistic Healing for over 25 years first as a massage therapist now as a clinical hypnotherapist.

I truly believe that it is better to resolve an issue than mask it.

  Every person I meet is unique and so are their journeys,  I will assist  you to come up with a plan that best works for your situation.

   I believe in the power of Hypnotherapy, which is assisting the unconscious mind to accomplish amazing things.  I do not claim to ‘cure’ anything, but help the client to help themselves.   
  I work with Solution-Focused techniques to show people how to overcome issues positively and not negatively; there’s already enough negativity that

our community faces daily.

 ** I Have been working with the LGBT community for over 10 years, through volunteer work and personal interaction, moving on to more professional scope for almost three years. Many of the issues dealt with range from Coming out, homelessness, gaining confidence and gender issues. Through hypnosis we work as a team to move forward and attain desired goals.

Through my work I hope to make sure that everyone who needs assistance with any of these issues or any other that may come up will never feel alone or unimportant.


Areas covered include:

Pain Management,

Why live with discomfort- let it go!


LGBTQ+/Gender Issues,  working to discover and become a more authentic you.





Inner Growth and  Development 

Hypno-Coaching/Hope Coaching

Bringing out your inner self for the world to see.

Happy Clients from Torrance,West Hollywood and the Valley

Some sessions may require an additional referral as required by CA business and professions Code 2908.

Please contact us for any personal queries