Pain Management

Or how to control your pain naturally

 Stress and pain are intimately related. When being in pain causes stress or being stressed worsens pain, psychological therapies -- including hypnosis, meditation, and relaxation -- may help break the cycle.

For pain therapists, these treatments, which focus on the relationship between the mind and body, are considered mainstream. For other health professionals, they may be considered alternative or complementary therapies. Regardless of how they are labeled, there is evidence that for many people they work.



There is no use in living with nagging pain if you can release it into the universe  and feel whole again. I use a method referred to as- Release the Pain Away, which is an accumulation of several other trained methods, but uses the best of all to help you let that pain go. 

The trick to using hypnosis for pain management is to learn the skills contained within this session so that you can then use them yourself whenever you need them.

  You will learn to control your pain and lessen the need for   pharmaceuticals.

  If you have any questions about the technique or your personal condition, please contact me ahead of time so we can discus what will be the best solution for you. This is not a one size fits all or even most, its what fits you.

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