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Shirlee Yants, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Advocate, Mental Health First Responder at Whispering Zen Hypnotherapy

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Clinical Hypnosis

Shirlee Yantz

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist

  • Advocate

  • Mental Health First Responder

Come as You Are... Leave as You Want to Be.

Release the Pain Away:
for Pain Management

There is no need to live with pain - our few hypnotherapy sessions together result in a lifetime of pain release.

Stress and pain are intimately related. When being in pain causes stress, or your stress worsens pain, I can help you break the cycle. Psychological therapies, including hypnosis, meditation, and relaxation, will help break the cycle.


There is no need to live with pain if you can release it and feel whole again. I use a method called "Release the Pain Away," which uses hypnosis to help you let that pain go.


In pain therapy, treatments which focus on the relationship between the mind and body, are considered mainstream.


My goal using hypnotherapy for pain management is to teach you skills so you can use hypnosis on yourself as needed for the rest of your life.


Our few sessions together result in a lifetime of pain release. You learn to control your pain and lessen the need for pharmaceuticals. The many people I have taught tell me that they now control their pain consistently and substantially with this technique. My success rate when there is complete trust is extremely high.


If you have any questions about the technique or your personal condition, please contact me ahead of time. This is not a one-size-fits-all or even most. I create a treatment that fits you perfectly.


Our first session is a one hour hypnotherapy service, conducted via video (for instance, Zoom.)

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