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Shirlee has extensive experience and qualifications in the following discplines:

Pain Management/Release

Why live with that chronic pain? It's time to let it go and live pain free and have a life of relief and enjoyment . Lets Release the Pain Away* together.



Gender Issues (all Ages)

In what can be a emotional and confusing time, know that I am here to help you navigate through your personal journey.


Total Relaxation/Guided Imagery

Enlightening your mind with total relaxation and calm. Go to that place that makes your breathing deeper and your muscles relax.



Self Esteem Relocation/Self Acceptance

 Insights to yourself, your guide to becomming an authenitic You.


Guided Journey of the Month Club

This is a unique opportunity to enhance your personal healing and growth one month at a time.  With my Guided Journey of the month club. Or your Mental Health Stay-Cation. 

  Every month you will receive a new 20 minute custom CD or emailed MP3 to help you relax and extend your healing process.

  This is the perfect gift for you or a loved one -

    *It's Gluten Free


    *Fat Free

    *100% Natural

   I don't Guarantee  No Nuts ( :  


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