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Y are you starting over

Why does anyone start over? New opportunities, lost job, family issues... and so many more. After so many tries, I am starting over again. Yep, because of health reasons and opportunities that came to me, here I go again.

How exciting, or frightening or both. Finding new connections, new clients, marketing to a new area. It can be overwhelming, exhausting, exciting and all those expletives.

But the ultimate question is - is it worth it ? You have to follow your heart and really ask yourself - Can I do it? Is it worth it?

If you get up everyday and think about going into your office, where ever and whatever it may be - then I say go for it! It's never to late to start over...If your breathing then its not to late.

So Y am I starting over - my heart and my head every day tell me this is where I should be. Will I be fabulously successful, I don't know. Do I regret trying - Nope. So I guess that's Y.

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